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Is a slow payment cycle killing your business? June , 2013

More than 97% of NZ businesses fall into the SME category and they employ 30% of our country’s workforce. So whether they thrive or fail has a big impact on our economy.

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Fixed or floating? February , 2013

The mortgage markets are thriving at the moment with the bank’s vigorous lending fuelling an ever rising property market. This is a far cry from 2008 when we were gripped by the global financial crisis and property was the biggest white elephant in the room. I thought I would look into this.

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Quantitative Easing for Idiots November , 2012

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Finance Companies - masters of their own downfall September , 2012

Since 2006, 45 finance companies have failed, 200,000 deposit holders have been affected and over three billion dollars have been put at risk. It has been an undeniable travesty of justice, and slowly people have been held accountable. Many of the guilty have been exposed, and flaws in our reporting and regulatory systems have been examined.

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Faith in you April , 2012

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The Immortal April , 2012

How to live forever...

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FOREX for Dummies March , 2012

A simple explanation of FOREX instruments

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True Strength (A Poem) February , 2012

The true worth of a life

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The Existentialist (A Poem) January , 2012

Business can be hard and unforgiving. In times of adversity it is hard to believe in yourself, though this is the most critical time to. Perhaps these verses may help...

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Is greed good? January , 2012

In recent times our financial markets have been rocked through reckless lending and convoluted financial instruments. These events are not unique to our time however. Financiers and their handy-work are littered through history.

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