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A Down Under Double Dip Recession?

Posted in Gareth Hoole - The Receiver April , 2012  1080 Comments  Add your comment ›

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Gareth Hoole, Partner at Staples Rodway

I recently attended a very good Business Recovery and Insolvency conference on the Gold Coast in Queensland. There were a few international speakers (including me) and to get the Australian perspective on the ground there was very useful.  The difference between the mood at this conference and the same forum 12 months ago was quite marked. The Aussies are rather bearish about their economic outlook for the next 12 months and we should be very mindful of this given that they remain not only our closest neighbour but our major trading partner.

A year ago they were congratulating themselves on being one of the few major global economies to have dodged the GFC bullet. The major reason for that was the strength of their mining industry and the value contributed to the greater economy from that sector.  At that time the Chinese economy was growing exponentially and their demand for raw materials seemed insatiable. One speaker at last year’s conference did question whether that particular bubble was likely to be sustained and seemingly the answer is no.

The major mining state in Australia is Western Australia and 41% of that state’s exports go to China; the reliance on that market is therefore undisputed. The problem for the Australians is that the recent figures out of China indicate a slow-down and expectations are that the trading data out of China, due on 1 April will confirm that such slow-down is occurring.  The immediate effect has been a strengthening of the Kiwi dollar against the Australian currency and that is not necessarily good news for us.

Less than a month ago, Reserve Bank Governor Allan Bollard came right out and said that the relatively high value of the Kiwi dollar is hampering our economic recovery. A further strengthening against our major export market’s currency is not good news for Kiwi exporters.  The big question is whether this means a double dip recession for us and while any suggestion that this may occur will be both premature and knee-jerk reactionary, we do need to be mindful that our trans-Tasman cousins are not the picture of economic health they were a year ago.

At the conference it became clear that the Australian economy is definitely a two speed bike; mining is still healthy but other sectors including viticulture, retail and property look decidedly depressed.
It may well be time to look at how you are running your own business and remember that in times of economic turmoil, it’s the well run businesses that survive. Ensure you are getting the basics right and always manage your cash flows on a positive basis.

One surprise to me was how bearish the speaker from Singapore was. It appears that even that vibrant economy is slowing down and when he said that the Singapore economy was not in recession he did add the word “yet”
Another important point to emerge from the conference was that the PPSA is now up and effective in Australia so anyone doing business there should be aware that they need to register their security interests on the Australian securities register.

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Recruit help, and it'll go even faster. Some women have a favorite color or one they prefer more than others, so you might want to buy them a bag in that color so that they can carry it when they are wearing their preferred color outfit. These plugs include warranty and for that reason you'll have the ability to rely on the Hewlett packard Compaq battery chargers to obtain a extended time. Although the Fascinate is lacking of the entrance-facing camera, similar to the Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint, the most widely used from the Universe S telephones available on the market. Nike Running France Luxury robes also known as plush robes for their luxurious quality. Included in this are companies likeSterlite Industries (the biggest producer of zinc and lead in India), Hindustan Copper (India's biggest copper producer), and Nalco and Hindalco. Hair shouldn't decide to try enough time and sophisticated and fluid, the idea is most appropriate. I'd be ongoing with my listing of unique holiday gifts for colleagues within the subsequent articles, where we'd be choosing more gifts for various personality types. Fendi outlet Store Sometimes the individual purchasing the house will require placing an electric item inside a strange location the builder would prefer to not do. Reflectors go ahead and take available light out of your lamps and spread it to brighten dim areas that can not be arrived at by lights alone. You are able to take your handy little laptop anywhere whether or not you are just starting the following room or going all over the world. You might be in shape but it will not look like it. Air Max Bw Femme

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Humidifier filters and air cleanser filters advice apple-cake the environment central by clarification the contaminants that abrade our airways for example dust, pollen, and cast spores. You can find a wide range of dresses for girls in the market as well as on the internet. There is a superb account of the ineffectiveness of United Nation troops who through no fault of their own had orders which made them simply observers whilst carnage was going on around them. For example, the canvas series which made from rich in color Multicolored and raw materials of the cotton. Michael kors London If you are sitting at home looking for a way to make money in any economic situation you want to find a business. I'm expertise into internet marketing and getting a long time experience of marketing their company online. To make something as cheap, the raw materials have to be cheap, the labour used is cheap and if reports are to be believed, sometimes even forced. From Dress sizing to Makeup, searching her perfect for her Wedding and Engagement photos will probably be an excellent concern for each Lady. Michael Kors Nyc Just from Primary Street, Calistoga Health spa Hot spring is available to public while offering four refreshingly natural heated mineral pools. Following the hike in Pu Luong this becomes anti-climactic and it is advisable to just stroll the rice fields, seeing rare wild birds on the way. Juicy Couture Handbags are Combining Style And High quality. The black south ocean and also the South Ocean cultured pearls are relatively less expensive than other pearls pointed out within this passage. michael kors new york gokatottCob Fiendmizenolo sinsunsabounc drepfliedge nahZommamem reofkeeno baicaifubbign imiguoubcot Chitrerie jamArressysex rigEntigharig bordalockoura AcelsNems Vonfitteeroip Mydaydumguano TroroHova scerslewGensE unopypalotula Jeorsburb Kakkillanaipt woradvoto attebrafoef DemoAmouple Tagaccize meandapex Meafelefenash tairtygaffine SebsispDine Ketsedini ReoseSopked boostanna Badypancy imiliaDulpcub Gumpoitteepes GyncTherner Apefspapsub elellacentoni Syncinpurvini BeryprowSwept Toubcobseby

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